Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joy of Luck

I took a challenge from Willette Designs called the Joy of Luck.  It was a photo a day around the theme of luck. My photos follow:

Day 01 A Gift
 This is a rainy sunset taken out my patio door.

Day 02 Something Green

 This is my little dog that has all the holiday outfits!

Day 03 Lucky Symbols

 Paddy O'Bear

Day 04 Seven Favorite Things

 Here are some of my favorite things: My computer (and Kyla), a bracelet I received from J., my kids playing Wii on the big TV (lots of favorite things in one photo), my home, my scrapbook room, my iPad, and my favorite, inexpensive wine!

Day 05 Who Brings Me Luck

J. brings me luck, at least for the last 39 years!

Day 06 Who is a Blessing

My Kyla is such a blessing!

Day 07 My Rainbow

My family is my joy, my luck, my love, my heart. My family is my rainbow! 

1 comment:

Yasher said...

All lovely photos, but Day 1 is just gorgeous! Very nice!